Summer lovin’ DOG edition! 15 Ways to keep your PUP COOL! +++ FREE GIFT!!!

Keep your dog safe this summer!

…and still have fun!

Summer time is around the corner (or in Texas it’s already here!)… During the summer months when the temperature really heats up, it’s important that we keep our furry best friends cool. Dogs can easily overheat, so make sure to take any precaution you can to help them out especially when they’ve been playing outside. Every dog parent could use these necessary items to get through the summer! 

Go make a splash with these 15 products!

Instant Cooling on the go! The Way2Cool is the perfect accessory to give your pup an instant chilly rush

 that feels good and lasts for a long time! Easy as:

1) Wet the towel

2) Wrap them in the cool fabric

3) Make your pup COOL & HAPPY

Your dog can instantly transform into a SHARK with this adorable, yet functional and practical

dog life vest. The life vest can help keep your pet safe while swimming, build confidence

in the water AND it even transforms into a collar on dry land! (just hook your leash to the metal ring).

Every dog wants to be a shark! Get this one here dog life vest.

This cooling mat is perfect for crates, kennels and anywhere else! It automatically recharges and provides relief for up to 3 hours. It is flexible, and easy to clean and travel with. Your pooch will love cooling off on this mat!

The shark fin is in this summer! Here is the Chuckit! Shark Fin toy which is perfect for playing fetch

in the pool, lake, or ocean! It is compatible with the Chuckit! Launcher, and is soft and floats easily! 

The orange shark fin marks it easy for you or your pup to spot! FETCH ON!

We love these doggy sun wipes!!! They are super easy to apply, they are not greasy, and they

have a yummy vanilla and coconut scent that is the perfect summer scent! Wipe your pup down

and head on out for some SUN!

Ready to float with your pup this summer?! Your furry best friend will LOVE having their very own dog pool float  to lounge along side you in the water! This float has puncture resistant and claw friendly fabric. It folds easily and is super durable. Go make a splash together!

The FroBo cooling pet bowl is the perfect reservoir for cool, clean water for your thirsty pup. The bowl keeps your pets water for 8 hours or longer and has non-toxic gel that freezes in about 2 hours.Easy as:

1) Freeze it 

2) Fill it 

3) Let your pup lap it up!

This chamois-like towel will become a staple for owners of active dogs. Made of a quick-drying, antibacterial fabric, it helps curb that “wet dog” smell. Use it to dry off your pup following an afternoon swim, post hike, or even after their bi-weekly bath.

Spoil your water crazy pup with their very own pool!!! Easy to fill up, and extra durable with PVC plastic! Perfect for a quick and refreshing dip in the backyard, or even on the patio of your apartment! Keep your pet swimming all day long!

Ready for a hike, or a bike ride with your pooch? Bring along with travel dog food/dog water bowl available in small (24 oz) or large (48 oz)! Retailing around $5.00 this is a MUST HAVE for your pup! It folds flat, and dries quickly making for a convenient accessory!

Give your dog this long lasting refreshment which is the perfect chew toy for puppies, cleaning dog’s teeth and massaging dog’s gums. It is versatile and easy to use making it one of our summer favorites! The arctic chew toy retails at only $15.99!

When you’re dog is feeling the heat, cool them down with this cooling collar from K9 Chill. The collar will keep your pet feeling cool for hours on end, and can be worn easily during walks by slipping your leash through the built in leas hole. The cool collar will keep your dog feeling and looking cool! 

You know that awful feeling when you have to walk on hot AF pavement barefoot right before you get in the pool? Yeah, it sucks! Dogs have to do that all the time. It can be very uncomfortable for your furry friend which is that’s why paw protection wax is something every dog mom needs for those hot times of the year. Easy to apply and vitamin E moisturizes the pads!

Whether you’re headed to the park or the beach, this pop-up portable pet house is perfect to get some shade! The breathable mesh are claw proof and the tent is very easy to set up and break down. Now your pup can always feel safe at home whenever you go anywhere!!

#15 Wet Wubba

Your dog will love this KONG wubba interactive toss and tug toy! The bright colors make it super easy to see and the neoprene fabric covers TWO rubber balls for extra durability and fun! The wubba is the perfect toy for the water and is quick to dry when playtime is over! Get the WET WUBBA and make a splash today!

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